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Benvenuto nel sito  dell'allevamento Thuaidh!

Forum Thuaidh


Noi Golden Thuaidh siamo spesso impegnati in giochi di riporto, nuotate e lunghe passeggiate nei boschi.
Se volete venire a trovarci, telefonate
per prendere un appuntamento.


Logo dell'allevamento Thuaidh
Mari Mandelli
Emanuela Rosa
Tel. 0434-660918
Cell. 347-7074933
Cell. 347-7289812

I nostri cani
Pedigree - Thuaidh La Nuit en Plein Lune

Batteries Included Van de Beerse Hoeve
Int. Ch. Inassicas Coriander
Ch. Cheer's Way of the World
Ch Shanlimore Baronet
Cheer's Nathalie
Inassicas Sea Mayweed
Stenbury Waterwing Shot
Inassicas Chacarelle
Ch. Pixel Panic v.d. Beerse Hoeve
Ch. Xanthos Black Thorn
Rainscourt Son Of A Gun
Xanthos Orange Blossom
Ch. Crisscross v.d. Beerse Hoeve
Ch Xanthos Apple Jack
Ch Charming Cornflake v.d. Beerse Hoeve
Thuaidh When You're Smiling
CH. Stanroph Simbeau
Sh. Ch. Stanroph Squadron Leader
Sh. Ch. Steval Mickey Finn at Ivycrest
Stanroph Shere Fantasy
Stanroph So Be It
Ch. Stanroph Sailor Boy
Sh. Ch. Stanroph Sierra Solitaire
Thuaidh Audrey
D. Nl. Ch.Ritzilyn Callaghan
Kimwhany O'Rourke of Ritzilyn
Sh. Ch. Ritzilyn Flibbertigibbet
Sansue Jackie Rose
Ch. Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien
Sh. Ch. Mulfield Morning Glory of Sansue

Benvenuto nel sito  dell'allevamento Thuaidh!

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