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Noi Golden Thuaidh siamo spesso impegnati in giochi di riporto, nuotate e lunghe passeggiate nei boschi.
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Good Bye Julie!

This morning our Julie, Kerrien Phillipa, said us 'good bye' and left us: she was daughter of the Eng. and Ir. Ch. Papeta Philosopher and of Ch. Kerrien C'est la Vie. Our thanks today, once again, are to our friends Su and Peter Jolly for giving us nine years ago this great Golden, our foundation bitch. Wonderful and lovely girl, with her extrovert temperament Julie was always looking like a baby, but more often one would have better considered her like a real 'lady': for nine years in our life, day by day, she has been constantly aside. Thanks Julie, bye: and ... see you later on, wherever you are now.

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Benvenuto nel sito  dell'allevamento Thuaidh!

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