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Benvenuto nel sito  dell'allevamento Thuaidh!

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Noi Golden Thuaidh siamo spesso impegnati in giochi di riporto, nuotate e lunghe passeggiate nei boschi.
Se volete venire a trovarci, telefonate
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Mari Mandelli
Emanuela Rosa
Tel. 0434-660918
Cell. 347-7074933
Cell. 347-7289812

Forum on line!

Dear FRIENDS, we have realized a forum into our website, to give the opportunity to you all, to know, to meet, to talk about own experiences, to ask information and why not, to help each other giving hospitality to somene else doggy in case of need. Currently the Forum starts without moderator as we are sure that intelligence and the seriousness of the participants do not need any controls. We recommend therefore to contain and maintain the arguments within the lawful limits and the good sense.

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Benvenuto nel sito  dell'allevamento Thuaidh!

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